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West-Can HR’s services are limited only by the time we have in a day. No one business is the same and neither are our service agreements. We tailor our service to the needs of our client to ensure maximum effect and efficiency. Whether we are contracted to provide recruitment, contingent labour, or a variety of our HR and business support services our team takes the extra step to really get to know and understand our client’s business and related processes / positions.


Finding the right person for the job can be time-consuming and difficult.

We have the skills, an extensive database of local professionals, and strong connections in the community! We do the heavy lifting and offer a guarantee on the hire so you can rest assured your vacancies are filled with the right person.

Half of all businesses say they struggle due to a shortage of skilled talent, while more than a quarter struggle with employee turnover.


Nearly 80% of millennials look for people and culture fit with employers, followed by career potential.


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Temp labour / Contingent workforce

New projects, staff vacations, leaves of absence, and seasonal shifts in demand put strain on you and your staff. We provide contract labour based on your business requirements and handle all of the administration and payroll.

End up loving your temporary staff? You have the option to hire them permanently!

Policy Manual Development & Amendment

Setting clear expectations for your staff helps avoid messy errors and unwanted behaviour in the workplace. We will create or update company employee policies covering all aspects of the employer/employee relationship.

This in turn improves staff morale and productivity, and minimizes disagreements.


Only 12% of employees agree that their company does a good job of on-boarding new employees.

State of the American Workplace Report Gallup.

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HR Organizational Review

Our unique outsider’s perspective to our client’s business provides a wealth of insight and recommendations that help our clients find improvements and efficiencies in their operations.

We provide structured reviews and recommendations in the form of total organizational reviews, salary and wage scale reviews, organization chart rightsizing, strategic planning, Employee satisfaction / surveys, culture and brand assessments, and employee development and succession planning.


93% of employers consider soft skills an “essential” or “very important” factor in hiring decisions.


Embedded HR

As a business owner or leader, your time is best spent growing your business. Leave the HR stuff to us. We can provide all the HR support your company needs without the need for you to resource, train, develop, and pay for in-house skills to get the job done.

Whether the need of the day is how to deal with that new government sick time mandate, a difficult performance discussion with an under achiever, or re-organizing your workforce our highly skilled team will be available to you in your hour of need.


65% of businesses outsource some aspect of their HR functions.

Fit Small Business.

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Outplacement Services

Terminations and job restructuring are never easy. Mitigate risk and ease the news for both management and staff by helping terminated employees transition to new jobs.

We offer resume and cover letter development, interviewing skills, career counselling, and assistance with job sourcing.

Do you have an HR need beyond those listed here? We create custom support plans tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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