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When I graduated university and left Canada to take a job overseas, I left on an 18-month work visa fully expecting to return after that time and start my career in earnest. In Brandon.

As it turned out, I continued working abroad for close to ten years as a string of job offers kept me travelling throughout Europe, Asia, the USA, and Central America.

When I did return to Brandon, I felt my skillset and experience would make the job hunt a walk in the park. I had a proven track record of success working increasingly responsible positions for a number of global Fortune 500 entities. Hiring managers and company decision makers were going to be tripping over themselves offering me a job!

But my experience was the opposite. No matter how many job ads I responded to or unsolicited applications I made, I was not getting interviewed. I used cover letters, cold-calling, and even my own advertising. Nothing!

Having successfully used a recruiting firm while living in London, England, I turned to West-Can Human Resource Solutions here in Brandon. The team was friendly and genuinely interested in learning about me and my skillset. They offered great advise on improving my resume and cover letters, but more importantly also helped me understand the types of businesses to focus my job seeking efforts on, and used their contacts and networking in the community.

Before long, they had lined up an interview with a large employer locally, hosted it in their offices (which was much more comfortable for me), and I landed a terrific job that not only allowed me to use my uniquely acquired skillset but also to continue travelling for work globally.

Fast-forward ten years and two jobs later (both of which West-Can helped me secure), and I am a senior recruiter and partner in West-Can Human Resource Solutions myself.

West-Can has been in business now for close to 25 years, developing expertise in the local job market, networking with businesses and job seekers, and helping our clients fill jobs, improve their HR processes, and find solutions to many of the operational issues businesses are faced with on a daily basis.

Whether you are a business looking for recruitment, contract labour, or other HR-related support, or if you are a job seeker looking for that next career challenge, West-Can will put their considerable resources to work for you.

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