’tis the season for Self-Care!

The holiday season can, for many different reasons, brings a high level of stress but it can also be a time to rest your body, mind and replenish your soul.

There are the “traditional” stressors of money or missing loved ones and then there is the last few years of living and working through a health crisis and pandemic! Whether you have been faced with pivoting into a new career or have had to navigate work in a locked down environment or a work from home situation or whether you have been trying to lead others through the ever-changing do’s and don’ts of the workplace, the added stress on everyone has been evident.

It has left a lasting imprint on the way we run and conduct business. For the most part, we have had to learn to pivot and adjust, but the additional stressors on everyone involved have been very present.

So, here we are! This holiday season compared to the last 2 years has been back to “normal” but how do we take the well needed time to relax and recharge during the festivities?

Some great ways are to Give, find and share Joy and keep the ME in Merry.

  • Be extra giving to yourself – do things you love, whether it is visiting with friends and family, taking a walk in the crisp winter air, or getting cozy by a fire and watching your favourite movie.
  • Find joy in the season – Christmas can be a difficult time for many, however it is important to find joy and share joy with others. Volunteer your time to deliver Christmas hampers, dance in the kitchen to your favourite Christmas tune, just veg out, or relax with a book. Find your joy.
  • Keep the ME in Merry – its okay to take this time for yourself. Do what makes you happy. And fill your own cup of merriment.

It is important to be proactive when it comes to self-care! Often when you are feeling stressed out it is too late, and you find yourself in full burn out. Give yourself permission to relax, recharge and rejuvenate during the holiday season.  Then, let’s look to a bright and glimmering 2023 where businesses will come to life once again and create business strategies to ensure a fruitful new year.

 But for now…. enjoy, put your feet up, and relax. You’ve worked hard and deserve it.

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